About MapperMundi

On MapperMundi we show bike tours, hiking tours, cultural tours, virtual tours, real experienced tours, you can document your geo-caching tours you did recently, and, and, and...
Some people don't want to go out, so we can provide you the information you need to enjoy the tour experience at home.
Other people want to experience the outdoor adventures, so you can prepare yourself offline and have a nicer time then at the already known location.

We encourage you to share your experiences, make other people excited, and provide them the sometimes necessary triggers ;-)

If you are not familiar with Google Earth, don't worry, you can also create your tour here, nicely guided through.
But of course you CAN use google earth, define there Points Of Interests, Routes, descriptions, and just upload them here.


For the time being this service is completely free. And the basic service will always be stay free.

Feature Basic package
Max. file size to upload 8 MByte
Max storage size per user 100 MByte